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Chloe Returns

Chloe's back this week! If you're hoping to get in before her sabbatical starts, best book in now- spaces are filling up fast!

Walk-ins Accepted Today

Roll on up- Old School, New School, watercolor, black and gray... first come, first served from 11am!

Straight from Japan

EXCITING NEWS!! We are proud to welcome noted Japanese tattoo artist Makiko Komamiya. Book now for a session with this amazing artist!

Closed Today

Unfortunately, The Jolly Octopus will be closed today and tomorrow, the 2nd and 3rd of November 2016. But don't panic, we will be up and running again on Friday! :D

Miss Ink Tonight

After a hard day tattooing, we have to judge a tattooed beauty contest. It's a hard life.... :)
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