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Christchurch Tattoo Expo - Get in Now

Just over a month until the Christchurch International Tattoo Expo! Book in now if you want a spot with one of our artists, and if you have an unfinished project come see us NOW so that it will be fully healed before the show! :)

Scott - Black and Grey Tattoo

Scott had the pleasure of working on Patrick's forearm again today, a small session to finish. #clock #pocketwatch #whiterose #roses #rosearybeads #cross #blackandgreytattoo #scotthawthorneink #thejollyoctopus #waverlycolorco #ttechcartridge #ttechtattoocartridges #fkiorns #nztattooist #newzealandtattoo #christchuchtattoist

New Artists!!!!

The Jolly Octopus has THREE NEW TATTOO ARTISTS: Sebastian, Scott and Lil!!! Sebastian comes to us from Lincoln Ink, while Scott and Lil join us from what uses to be Southern Ink. All of them are taking bookings for custom tattoo designs. Three absolutely amazing tattoo artists - we're so proud! :D


Christchurch International Tattoo Expo

BAKER'S DOZEN: Just 13 booths remaining for the 1st Christchurch International Tattoo Expo, 27-29 October 2017. Artists and vendors, don't hesitate if you want to be part of this event! Details on or

Star Wars Day Charity Flash Event

May the 4th Be With You

(but actually the 6th)


Fun New Flash Event!

Benefits Starship Childrens Hospital!


The Event: This Saturday, May 6 from 11am to 5pm, we will be celebrating International Star Wars Day with another of our Flash Events. This time, part of every tattoo will be donated to Starship Children’s Hospital!


Cosplayers: Come in costume and get a $25 voucher (and we mean really in costume, none of this ‘I’m cosplaying a background character’ or ‘serial killers are just like everyone else’ business). Your costume pics will go up on Facebook - most votes at the end of the day wins a $100 voucher!


The Tattoos: Of course, we will have plenty of fun original tattoo flash designs: Star Wars, Pokemon, cyberpunk, steampunk, all kinds of geeky good fun. And part of every tattoo on the day goes to help Starship!


Have fun, get a great tattoo, and help sick kids - get in there! :)


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