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Jolly Octopus On Tour


Tour Dates for 2018 - Book Your Tattoo Today:

9-11 March - Skindustry Tattoo Expo - Allentown PA, USA

14-30 March - Hereford England, UK

14-15 April - Tattoo & Art Extravaganza - Tauranga, NZ

2-4 June - Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo - Christchurch, NZ


Jolly Octopus On Tour

Tour Dates for 2018 - Book Your Tattoo Today:

9-11 March 2018 - Skindustry Tattoo Expo - Allentown PA, USA 

14-15 April 2018 - Tattoo & Art Extravaganza - Tauranga, NZ 

2-4 June 2018 - Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo - Christchurch, NZ 


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you all so much for our success in 2017. Now let's make 2018 even better!!!



For ONE DAY ONLY, December 16 2017, as a Christmas Charity Fundraiser, The Jolly Octopus will transform into an American Traditional Tattoo Parlor. We’ll be tattooing classic designs from Sailor Jerry, Cap Coleman, Bob Shaw and more. 

And the best part? We’re tattooing for Old School Prices! For ONE DAY ONLY, on DECEMBER 16, tattoos will be as low as $50, and NO TATTOO WILL BE OVER $250!!

All shop proceeds will benefit the Christchurch City Mission, who run the local Food Bank. Because no one should be hungry at Christmas. 

So come on in and pick something off the wall - you’ll be doing a good deed! :)

PS. If don’t want to get tattooed (maybe American Traditional’s not your thing), call round and donate some canned goods, baby food, and diapers - they always need ‘em!

*Note: Because we’re doing super-low prices for charity, this is one day of the year when you should leave the vouchers at home.


Christchurch Tattoo Expo - Get in Now

Just over a month until the Christchurch International Tattoo Expo! Book in now if you want a spot with one of our artists, and if you have an unfinished project come see us NOW so that it will be fully healed before the show! :)
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