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Ever get a tattoo you really regret? Something that makes you want to wear a hoodie to the beach?

Or maybe you don't exactly hate your tattoo. Just that what was right for you back in the day doesn't really fit who you are now. 

Imagine being able to show your skin with pride. Picture that embarrassing old tattoo transformed into art you truly love.

Christchurch is home to one of the world's best cover up tattoo artists. Steve has a reputation for working miracles, a reputation he proves time and again. 

A lot of people think covering an old tattoo means heavy black and lots of it. Simply put, they're wrong. These before and after photos are all real -- no photoshop necessary!

Now you see why people come from all over the world for Steve's help. When you want the best, no one less will do.

Turn that tattoo you hate into one that makes you feel proud. :)

Steve says:

There's a Secret to a Great Cover-Up

Don't believe any artist trying to tell you that black is the only answer. That kind of old-fashioned thinking usually leaves you with two separate tones of black and the old tattoo clearly visible: a mess.

The real secret is much more subtle.

Colour and movement are the real keys to a successful cover-up tattoo. A careful design will keep the eye moving over and around the new tattoo, making any small variations where the old tattoo shows through difficult to spot.

Life's too short to walk around with bad ink!

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View Coverup Tattoos!