A Jolly FAQ


I really want a tattoo from you guys! How does this work?

First, get in contact with us. The contact page on our website is the best option. We’ll talk a bit about the work you want, make sure you get the best artist for your project and set up a free consult.

At your consult, you’ll sit down with your artist and talk about your project. No matter how big or small, your tattoo is special to you and important to us. Talking about it first, taking notes, making sure we’re both on the same page makes sure your art will be every bit as amazing as you deserve it to be!

At the end of the consult—assuming you’re excited to go ahead—you’ll set a date to make your vision permanent. Your $50 deposit is nonrefundable, but it does come off the cost of your tattoo on the day.

The day of your session, get a good night’s sleep and have a good breakfast. Your artist will have custom art created especially for you, all ready to ink! Sometimes your idea will even inspire us to create a second version to choose from, giving you the fantastic problem of choosing between two great ideas…

At the end of your session, we will give you aftercare information to help you heal a bright and beautiful tattoo. Feel free to pick up some of our Jolly Octopus Tattoo Cream— heck, feel free to buy books and mugs and prints and shirts. :) Watch your tattoo heal, more beautiful than you imagined.

And start planning your next one… ;)


All that sounds like a lot of work. Can I just pick a design and get that?

Yes. We do have flash (sheets of tattoo designs) -- not the same old stuff you see at every shop around town, but unique, handmade art drawn, painted and colored by our tattooers. Every one of our artists also keeps sketchbooks full of designs we'd love to do as one-offs but haven't had the chance yet. 

Just come on up the stairs and have a look! :)


I found a cool picture on the internet. Can I just get that?

Those pictures you found on the net (especially the ones of other tattoos), we're happy to use them as reference and inspiration, but we don't copy other people's work. 


Do I need a deposit for a piercing?

No, but you do need to make an appointment so we can be sure it fits in with our tattooing schedules.


Can I get you guys to draw something up so I can see if I like it before booking in?

Unfortunately, that’s not the way we work. At your consult, your artist will take detailed notes. They want to make sure they have a really clear idea about how you want your tattoo to look. Then, anywhere from a few days to the night before your booking, he or she will start drawing.

We do it this way both to keep the workload manageable and to make sure your design is fresh in your artist's mind when it’s time to tattoo. But it does mean you won’t be able to see your drawing until the day of your booking.

Every tattoo you see on this site went through the same process. If you like what you see, trust us. We’ll give you something amazing!


Do you guys do tribal?

Some of us do tribal, some don't. It's a matter of specialities and technique. If it's tribal you're after, we'll make sure you sit down with the right artist for you. 


Can you guys do this photo, exactly like that?

That depends—if it’s a portrait of your grandma, your puppy or your favorite musician, you better believe we’re gonna recreate that photo on your skin. But if you found something you like on the net, a tattoo design or an actual picture of someone else’s tattoo, then no. By all means bring your pictures—we love when you bring us pictures to look at—but just be aware that what you bring in will be used as reference, something to inspire your own unique, individual artwork!


You guys are clean and everything, right?

You betcha! We don’t make a big deal out of it on our site, because we feel that proper sanitation is the LEAST you deserve. When you come to us for a tattoo, every surface, every piece of equipment will be wrapped and bagged. Your needles will be opened in front of you and disposed at the end of the tattoo. Same for your inks. We do look after you; just seems to us there shouldn’t be anything special about keeping you safe…


Are you cash only?

Actually, we now take EFTPOS, MasterCard and Visa! And yes, cash too….