A Jolly FAQ

Jolly Octopus - What's with that name, anyway?

We get asked this a lot. Basically, we wanted a name that was fun, friendly, and unique - just like us. 

Our tattoo artists do custom tattoo designs. One of a kind, high-quality originals. We're a happy and relaxed - and creative - bunch of people. There's nothing like us in Christchurch, or anywhere else for that matter. So we wanted a name that was as original as we are. 

Don't believe us? Have a look at our tattoo galleries and read our reviews for yourself!

I really want a tattoo from you guys! How does this work?

Most people reach out to us first:. The contact page on our website is the best option to set up a free consult so we can design your one-of-a-kind custom tattoo.

Of course, we now take walk-ins as well! :)

I want something cool but I'm not sure what. You guys have designs I can pick?

Yes. Come check out our One and Done Wall - designs our artists are keen to do but haven't found their 'forever home' yet...

Just come on up the stairs and have a look! :)

I found a cool picture on the internet. Can I just get that?

Those pictures you found on the net (especially the ones of other tattoos), we're happy to use them as reference and inspiration, but we don't copy other people's work. 

Do I need a deposit for a piercing?

No, but you do need to make an appointment so we can be sure it fits in with our tattooing schedules.

Can I get you guys to draw something up so I can see if I like it before booking in?

Some of our artists do work this way. You can expect to pay a drawing fee and wait anywhere from two weeks to a month for the drawing of you tattoo design to be ready. 

Others, Steve in particular, do not. To keep his workload manageable and to make sure your design is fresh in his mind, he may spend weeks doing research, but he will only sit down to draw your tattoo the night before your booking. 

Either way, just know that you're going to get something amazing!

Do you guys do tribal?

Some of us do, some don't. It's a matter of specialities and technique. If it's tribal you're after, we'll make sure you sit down with the right artist for you. 

Can you guys do this photo, exactly like that?

That depends—if it’s a portrait of your grandma, your puppy or your favorite musician, you better believe we’re gonna recreate that photo on your skin. But if you found something you like on the net, a tattoo design or an actual picture of someone else’s tattoo, then no. By all means bring your pictures—we love when you bring us pictures to look at—but just be aware that what you bring in will be used as reference, something to inspire your own unique, individual artwork!

You guys are clean and everything, right?

You betcha! We don’t make a big deal out of it on our site, because we feel that proper sanitation is the LEAST you deserve. When you come to us for a tattoo, every surface, every piece of equipment will be wrapped and bagged. Your needles will be opened in front of you and disposed at the end of the tattoo. Same for your inks. We do look after you; just seems to us there shouldn’t be anything special about keeping you safe…

Are you cash only?

Actually, we now take EFTPOS, MasterCard and Visa! And yes, cash too….